A Personal List of Selected Recordings

Following is a usefull but very incomplete list of recordings that I suggest if one has an interest in Old-Time Music. The list is mostly limited to recordings available on CD. I've tried to make links from the list to the artist or label directly. Some are not on the internet. If there are any questions about getting in touch with an artist or label contact me at: donpedi@hotmail.com

For the most part I've only listed a few items from each label, relative to the size of their catalog. Also, the recordings listed are limited to those I know and are in keeping with my personal slant on Old-Time Music.



 Bruce Greene

Five Miles Of Ellum Wood
Old Time Kentucky Fiddle Solos
BG1 Bruce Greene

Rare Old Chestnuts
Bruce Greene & Don Pedi
Southern Appalachian Favorites for Fiddle & Dulcimer
Hazeldog 603

Come Near My Love
Bruce Greene & Kore Loy McWhirter
Mostly Quiet and Dark Songs
Hazeldog 507


 Roan Mountain Hilltoppers

Down Home
CD featuring all the tunes on the originall Cloudland LP, plus nine additional tracks. This is Real Old-Time Music!
Roan Mountain Hilltoppers

 Sheila Kay Adams

My Dearest Dear
Seventh generation Ballad Singer from Madison County, NC
Granny Del Records 1220


 Mary Jane Queen

Songs I Like
Traditional ballads and mountain songs by Mary Jane Queen.
Some songs feature Henry Queen playing accompaniment on guitar or banjo.
Queen Family 2002

Mary Jane Queen & Family
The Queen Family Of Western North Carolina

Traditional ballads, banjo and great homegrown mountain music with a cross of Old-Time and early bluegrass.
Queen Family 2001


 Don Pedi

Bound To Have A Little Fun
24 Fiddle Tunes on Solo Dulcimer
Walnut Mountain 1004

Short Time Here
Traditional songs and tunes
Walnut Mountain 904



Walking Lightly Through This World
Beverly Smith And Carl Jones
Dittyville 001



Red Clay Country
Paul Brown

The Rest Is Yet To Come
Double Decker String Band

Martin & Johnson

The Road to Agate Hill
Alice Gerrard, Gail Gillespie & Sharon Sandomirsky

Pretty Crowin' Chicken
The Rhythm Rats

Over The Mountain
Kenny Jackson

Fresh Coat
Bob Herring & Rafe Stefanini

Bluegrass Meadows
Rafe Stefanini

Lone Prairie
Matt Brown


 Old 97

Travis & Trevor Stuart

Old 97 006

Kirk Sutphin & Friends
Grandpa's Favorites

Old 97 002

Adam Tanner and the Dirty Rag Mobs
Rags & String Band Blues

Old 97 003

The Carolina Jug Stompers
Rooster on a Limb

Old 97 005


 West Virginia University Press

Eddon Hammons
Eddon Hammons Collection

The legendary West Virginia fiddler from 1947 feild recordings.
WVU Press SA-1
WVU Press SA-2 West Virginia University Press


 Appleseed Recordings

The Warner Collection
Nothing Seems Better To Me

Proffitt, Presnell, Hicks' & more
Appleseed 1036


 Chubby Dragon

Brandywine Mountain Music Convention
A twenty year legacy of Old-Time Music
Chubby Dragon 10006


 June Appal Records

Ginny Hawker and Kay Justice
Come All You Tender Hearted

June Appal 0069

Sycamore Tea
Dutch Cove String Band
Quay Smathers and family
Cassette only
June Appal 0023

I.D. Stamper

Old-Time mountain dulcimer, banjo, french harp, etc.
LP or Cassette only
June Appal 0010



Yazoo is mostly a Blues Label. They also offers some great compilation CDs featuring a mix of Old-Time Music and Country Blues.

The Music Of Kentucky Vol 1
Early American Rural Classics 1927-37
Yazoo 2013

The Music Of Kentucky Vol 2
Early American Rural Classics 1927-37
Yazoo 2014


 Copper Creek Records

Copper Creek is mostly a bluegrass label. They do offer some Old-Time Music.

Tom, Brad & Alice
Been There Still

Copper Creek 0164

Tom, Brad & Alice
Holly Ding
Copper Creek 0179


 Marimac Recordings

Marimac also has some great Old-Time Music only on cassette. marimac@netnitco.net

Double Decker
Chasing Rainbows

Marimac 9065

Rhythm Rats
I Believe I'll Go Back Home
Marimac 9069


 County Records

County Records has many great vintage Old-Time Music recordings. These include collections of various artists, like Tommy Jarrell and Charlie Poole. Also great compilations of vintage string band recordings from Mississippi, Viginia, Tennessee, Texas etc. Following are some of my favorites of late:

Brad Leftwich with Linda Higginbotham
Say Old Man
County 2714

Rafe Stefanini
Hell And Scissors
County 2728

Rafe Stefanini
Glory On The Big String
County 2730

The music of Clarence "Tom" Ashley 1929-33
Greenback Dollar
County 3520

Tommy Jarrell and Fred Cockerham
Tommy and Fred
Great fiddle banjo duets
County 2702

The Legacy of Tommy Jarrell Vol 1
Sail Away Ladies
County 2724

The Legacy of Tommy Jarrell Vol 2
Rainbow Sign
County 2725

The Legacy of Tommy Jarrell Vol 3
Come And Go With Me
County 2726

Camp Creek Boys
Old-Time String Band
County 2719

Kirk Sutphin
Old Roots New Branches
County 2711


 Rounder Records

The following recordings are on the Rounder label. There are many great CD's not listed here.

High Atmosphere
Ballads and banjo tunes from Virginia and North Carolina, collected by John Cohen in November of 1968.
Rounder 0028

Traditional Fiddle Music Of Kentucky Vol 1
Up The Ohio And Licking Rivers
Rounder 0376

Traditional Fiddle Music Of Kentucky Vol 2
Along The Kentucky River
Rounder 0377

Hobart Smith
Blue Ridge Legacy
Rounder 11661-1799

Joe Thompson
Family Tradition
Joe Thompson is among the last of the traditional African-American fiddlers still active in the south.
Rounder 2161

Black Stringband Music
Nathan Frazier / Frank Patterson recorded 1943
Murph Gribble / John Lusk / Albert York recorded 1946
Rounder 0238

The Hammons Family
The traditions of a West Virginia family and their friends.
From the Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture.
Rounder 1504/05

North Carolina Banjo Collection
Wide range of traditional banjo styles from North Carolina.
Rounder 0439/40

Mike Seeger & Paul Brown
Way Down In North Carolina
Rounder 0383

Following are some outstanding Rounder recordings of traditional and/or traditional combined with more modern approaches to Old-Time Music:

Young Fogies
A good selection of modern day string bands.
Vol 1 Rounder 0319
Vol 2 Rounder 0369

Dirk Powell
If I Go Ten Thousand Miles
Rounder 0384

Dirk Powell
Hand Me Down
Rounder 0444

Bruce Molsky & Big Hoedown
Rounder 0421

Bruce Molsky
Poor Man's Troubles
Rounder 0470

Bruce Molsky
Lost Boy
Rounder 0361


 Smithsonian Folkways

Bascom Lamar Lunsford
Ballads, BanjoTunes, And Sacred Songs Of Wetern North Carolina
Smithsonian Folkways 40082

Roscoe Holcomb
The High Lonesome Sound
Smithsonian Folkways 40104

Dock Boggs
His Folkways Years 1963-1968
Smithsonian Folkways 40108

Mountain Music Of Kentucky
Smithsonian Folkways 40077

Doug and Jack Wallin
Family Songs And Stories From The North Carolina Mountains
Smithsonian Folkways 40013

Mike Seeger
Southern Banjo Sounds
Smithsonian Folkways 40107