Dulcimer by Tad Wright Woodworks.

There are many excellent dulcimer makers in operation today. All have strengths and weaknesses according to one's individual tastes and requirements.

Now days, in public, I mostly play Modern Mountain Dulcimers. I play the dulcimer in the traditional style where the melody is played on one string, leaving the other strings to drone. My preference is for three equal distance strings. The hourglass shape with a resonator back from Modern Mountain Dulcimers has the volume needed to play with other instruments. It has a sweet well balanced sound that allows the melody to ring clear.

Sometimes at home, sitting alone or with my wife Jean and/or various cats, dogs and other creachters, I enjoy the intimate sound of the North Carolina style dulcimers made by Tad Wright Woodworks. Tad no longer builds dulcimers. However, every so often a dulcimer built by people like Tad, Ed Pressnell, Edsil Martin and others come available. The simplicity of design and excellent craftsmanship of these older style instruments appeals to the taste of certain individuals. They are Generally more quite and less sophisticated than many dulcimers being built today. Generally, a dulcimer should be chosen according to ones personal tastes and requirements.

Due to the large number of requests, a limited selection of the Fine Art of Dulcimer images are available.
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The Fine Art of Dulcimer

"The Fine Art of Dulcimer" series is designed to showcase mostly current dulcimer builders with some of the classiest models in history. An early, well intentioned, although misinformed history of the mountain dulcimer, stated that the soldiers on their way to the crusades may have enjoyed listening to the lap dulcimer. It got me thinking...

Mona Lisa
by Leonardo Da Vinci

Dulcimer by Tad Wright

by Henri Regnault

Dulcimer by David McKinney
Modern Mountain Dulcimer

Birth of Venus
by Alexandre Cabanel

Dulcimer by Robert and Janita Baker
Blue Lion Instruments

Commune of Siena
by Ambrogio Lorenzetti

Ginger Dulcimer by McSpadden
McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers

Seated Woman Reading
by Hosoda Eishi
aka: Who the heck wrote this Tab anyway?

Dulcimer by Ron Ewing
Ron Ewing Dulcimers

The Son of Man
by Rene Maqritte

Dulcimer by Bill Taylor

Piano Man
by Justin Bua

Dulcimer by Tom Fellenbaum
Acoustic Corner

Prudence, circa 1470
by Piero Del Polaolo

Galax Style Dulcimer by Ben Seymour
Galax Dulcimer

Portrait of Jeanne De Tourbay
by Eugene Emmanuel Amaury-Duval

Dulcimer by Terry McCafferty

Fresco of Roman Woman

Double neck dulcimer by Mike Clemmer
Clemmer Dulcimer

U.S. Grant
by Alonzo Chappel

Dulcimer by Jeremy Seeger
Jeremy Seeger

Portrait of Nadir Shah
by Afshar of Persia 1700-25

Dulcimer by David Lynch
Sweet Woods Instruments

The Lady of Shalott
by John William Waterhouse

Spirit Horses Dulcimer by Kerry Coates
Gila Mountain Dulcimers

Portrait of William Wilberforce (1759-1833)
by Thomas Lawrence

Dulcimer by Gary Gallier
Dulcimer Central

by Fernando Botero

Dulcimer by Bonnie Carol

Santa's Workshop
by Norman Rockwell

Dulcimer by Dwain Wilder
Bear Meadow Appalachian Dulcimers

George Washington 1779
by Charles Wilson Peale

Dulcimer by Gary Sager
Prussia Valley Dulcimers

Two Children With Dog
by William Mathew Prior

Dulci-lin by Cedar Creek Dulcimers

American Gothic
by Grant Wood

Dulcimer by Bill Rich
Papaw's Dulcimers

The Wine Tasters
by Jennifer Garant

Dulcimer by George Haggerty

Empress Jossephine
(1763-1814) at Malmaison, circa 1801
by Francois Gerard
with Virginia style dulcimer

Davey Crockett
by Walter Baumhofer

Dulcimer by Keith Young
(passed February 9, 2012)
Appalachian Dulcimers

Portrait of Dora Maar
by Pablo Picasso

Bowed Dulcimer by Ken Bloom
Ken Bloom

John Wayne
by Bob Willoughby

Dulcimer by Jethro Amburgey

The Peaceful Kingdom of the Branch
by Edward Hicks

Dulcimer by Homer Ledford
(passed December 11, 2006)

Woman with Red Hair
by Amedeo Modigliani

and vintage Dulcimer

King's Sadness
by Henri Matisse