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Booking Don Pedi

For over fifty years Don has played music, learned songs and tunes from many of Appalachia's finest traditional singers and instrumentalists. Don has presented workshop & concert programs from California to Maine. He shares his experience in a warm, friendly noncompetitive atmosphere.

To arrange for in person or online, Concerts, Workshops or private instruction:
call 828-689-9126 or email donpedimusic@gmail.com

Online Dulcimer Classes

Easy and Fun!
Join in, from the convenience of your home.

Six Week Course
Next Series
Tuesdays, August 23 - September 27

Beginner Classes
6:00 - 7:00 pm (ET)

Intermediate Classes
7:15-8:15 pm (ET)

Beginner Classes

Simple traditional songs for the absolute beginner, or the more experienced player wishing to build a solid foundation to play Old-Time Music on the dulcimer.
Strumming and fingering (noting) techniques and methods to promote economy of motion.

$75 for the six week course


Intermediate Classes

The Intermediate classes will feature songs and tunes that are a little more challenging than those taught in the Beginner Class.
Most of the music taught will be from traditional sources.
Traditional Secular and Sacred Songs, Ballads & Tunes from Southern Appalachia and Beyond. Also included will be an occasional traditional song or tune from England, Ireland, or Scotland. 

$75 for the six-week course


Online Dulcimer Workshops

Book an online Workshop/Concert Package for your dulcimer club or group. The Package includes two workshops (one hour and fifteen minutes each) and a fifty minute concert.
Or book an ala carte event:
One workshop
One workshop and a concert.
Just a concert.
More than one workshop & no concert.
Contact: donpedimusic@gmail.com


Coming Soon

To be announced
1:00 - 2:30 pm (Eastern)

Intermediate level.


Sample Workshop Descriptions:

Ballads for Dulcimer
Traditional "Love Songs", mostly from the Southern Mountains

Sacred Songs for Dulcimer
Songs of faith, praise and spirituality, from the Folk Tradition

Little Songs
These are fun, simple and clever songs from the Southern Mountains.

Folk Songs for Dulcimer (intermediate)
A selection of Songs from various sources. Cowboys, Sailors, British Isles, New England etc.
60's Folk Songs for Dulcimer (intermediate)
Simple DAD chord and chord-melody arrangements of songs from the Folk Revival.
Selected and presented by one who frequented the coffee houses and folk festivals in Boston, Cambridge, Newport and New York during the 1960's and early 70's.

Singing While Playing Melody (intermediate)
Before the Folk "Revival" of the 1950's and 60's chording on the dulcimer was almost unheard of.
Most dulcimer players sang while playing the melody.
This class shows the methods to accomplish this 

Old-Time Music for Dulcimer  (Beginner)
Simple songs and techniques for those new to the dulcimer or for more experienced players  wanting an introduction to playing Old-Time Music.

Old-Time Music for Dulcimer  (intermediate)
A selection of Traditional Songs and Tunes  collected  from authentic sources throughout Southern  Appalachia.

Little Songs (intermediate)
These are fun and clever songs from the Southern Mountains.

Crooked Fiddle Tunes  (advanced)
Old-time tunes with a twist.

Playing Techniques and Tunings for Old-Time Dulcimer 
Methods for appropriate rhythm and melody to play "Southern Old-Time" fiddle tunes.

Pre and Post Folk Revival versions of Folk Songs
Versions of Traditional Songs popular during the nineteen sixties and seventies and their source versions.