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Information & Registration for Quarantune Dulcimer Fest (QDF 10)

Information & Registration for Kentucky Music Week (KMW)


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Old-Time Songs for Dulcimer Song List: Better Times A-Comin' - Black Bottom Blues - Brother Ephus - Cluck Old Hen - The Cuckoo - Danville Girl - Dinah - Doggett's Gap - Elkhorn Ridge - Greenback Dollar - I Ain'y Gonna Work Tomorrow - If I Die A Railroad Man - I'll Not Marry At All - Little Maggie - Little Sadie - The Moonshiner - Old Man At The Mill - Old Man Below - Old Mr. Rabbit - Old Phoebe Ice - Old Reuben - Old Smokey (Going Back to Grorgia) - Old Smokey - Peg And Awl - Phoebe In Her Petticoat - Sailor On The Deep Blue Sea - Shady Grove (DAC) - Shady Grove (DAA) - She Lied To Me - Sport In New Orleans - Star Girl - The War It Is Raging - Wedding Dress - Ya Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around

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Your support helps me focus on my ongoing efforts to document personal experiences and knowledge of music and history gifted to me by older generation mountain musicians, mostly gone before.
It is my intention to honor the past and have a positive effect on the future through the performance, preservation and perpetuation of traditional Appalachian Music, the creation of original, personal and socially concious art,
as well as continued study of relaxation and rejuvenation exercise.


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