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Playlist 10/4/14

Song Title
Album Title
Label & Catalog #
Bruce Greene
Jimmy Triplett
Lee Monroe Presnell
Dave Thompson
Joe Thompson
Matokie Slaughter
Tommy Jarrell
J.D. Cornett
Hobart Smith
Hobart Smith
Melvin Wine
Betty Baker
Old Greasy Coat
House Carpenter
House Carpenter
Georgia Buck
Sally Ann
Spring of '65
Sally Ann
Jimmy Johnson

Five Miles of Ellum Wood
Natural History
Ballads & Songs of Tradition
Ballads & Songs of Tradition
Family Tradition
Stay All Night
Mountain Music of Kentucky
Hobart Smith of Saltville, VA
Hobart Smith of Saltville, VA
Hannah at the Springhouse
Bruce Greene 01
Bemiar 2006
Folk Legacy 125
Folk Legacy 125
Rounder 2161
Alice Gerrard
County 2735
Smithsonian Folkways 40077
Folk Legacy 17
Folk Legacy 17
Augusta Heritage 023
Almeda Riddle
Clyde Davenport
Mike Seeger
Dirk Powell, Ginny Hawker
Doug Wallin
Art Stamper
Jean Ritchie

Merrimac at Sea
Jenny in the Cotton Patch
Golden Willow Tree
Silk Merchant's Daughter
Swing Lady Home
Merry Golden Tree
Ballads & Hymns
Volume 2
True Vine
Hand Me Down
Family Songs & Ballads
Goodbye Girls
Rounder 0017
Field Recorder's Coll. 104
Smithsonian Folkways 40136
Rounder 0444
Smithsonian Folkways 40013
County 2729
Smithsonian Folkways 40077
Jody Stecher
Erynn Marshall & Chris Coole
Uncle Earl
Jean Ritchie
Maddy Prior & June Tabor
Timothy Cummings
Ali Farka Toure


Oh the Wind and Rain
New Orleans
There Is A Time
Fair Nottamun Town
Burning of Auchidoon
Oh the Wind and Rain
Meet Me in the Music
She Waits for Night
None But One
Silly Sisters
The Piper in the Holler
Appleseed 1030
Hickory Jack 02
Rounder 0565
Greenhays 708
Shanachie 70940
Birchen 12
Hannibal 1443
Sara Grey
Marie Hare
Leah & Chloe
Erynn Marshall
Ralph Blizard & NSR
Jean Ritchie

Fair Fanny Moore
Lost Jimmy Whalen
Greasy Coat
Old Christmas Morning
Bonaparte's Retreat
Blue Diamond Mines

Back in the Airly Days
Ballads and Songs opf Tradition
Appalachia Rising
Shout Monah
Fox Chase
Clear Waters Remembered

Waterbug 0044
Folk Legacy 125
Leah & Chloe Smith
Hickory Jack 03
Yodal Ay Hee 030
Greenhays 727